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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Not to brag, but…

scarf I can knit! Every year I make a New Year’s resolution that this will be the year I learn to knit. You’re probably thinking I’d be better off resolving to finally get in shape (other than the shape of a pear) but that’s never going to happen, so knitting it is.

Last month, the Joann Fabrics Christmas flyer featured the Martha Stewart loom and knitting contraption. Of course, that’s not the exact name. I hustled to Michaels and used a 50% off from Joann’s to buy it. Did you know Michael’s will honor Joann’s coupons, as long as it’s something they both carry? Well, they do. I couldn’t wait for a lazy Saturday to try it out.

Weekend before last, the stars aligned and I had nothing better to do. Until noon when I had to take the middle hooligan to a bowling party, but I was sure that would be sufficient for me to knit and entire sweater. It was, to say the least, impossibly frustrating. Perhaps craftier people than I could figure it out, or perhaps if you were already a knitter, it would have made sense. With that rationalization, I decided to use one of the THREE learn to knit kits I already had in my craft room and just learn the old-fashioned way.

It was amazingly easy. The book I used, Stitch and Bitch by Debbie Stoller, is amazingly simple to follow. In 10 days, I’ve learned to knit and purl, as well as fix mistakes! I’ve made this chunky scarf for myself and I’m working on one for my middle kid. Because he asked first, if you must know. All 3 kids are completely fascinated with my knitting. I haven’t been working on this non-stop for 10 days, either…maybe an hour or two a day, while watching shows I’ve DVR’ed. That’s why I learned to fix mistakes, actually.

So if you have the yen, learn to knit…I don’t know how to crochet, so really started with no needle-working experience other than cross-stitch and needlepoint, which are nothing like knitting. I’m loving this new hobby…I can easily take my supplies wherever I want, and if I get started on it soon, I might have enough throw to keep me warm when the snow really flies here.

Oh, and I haven’t tried out Martha’s again…I’m having too much fun clicking my needles together and feeling like Madame DeFarge. (I hope my mom and 8th grade English teacher are reading this and are impressed with that literary reference.)

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