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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Thrifty AND Clever!

That’s how I was feeling today.  Since we moved in, the curtains in each of the boys’ rooms have been making me crazy.  I want the windows covered at night, so the hooligans go to sleep even though the sun’s still up, but on days the weather is cool, I’d rather have the windows open to let the breezes blow.  If any rooms need fresh air, it’s those!

Also, when the curtains are closed, they cover the heat and a/c vents because no one bothered to hem them shorter when we moved in a year ago. Ahem.  Yes, that would be me, the non-hemmer. Whenever I think about hemming and darning things, I think of about a hundred other FUN things I could sew. I don’t, but I could, so I don’t hem or darn until it’s an emergency.

Curtain tiebacks would solve all my problems, or at least my curtain problems. I saw some in a magazine a couple of years ago and stored it in my brain (can you believe it…I didn’t see them on Pinterest, but on actual paper?).

DSC_0008I just needed some rope clasps and rope. I bought the clasps about 6 months ago at the Fleet and Farm store (yes, it’s a real place), but kept forgetting rope.

While I was killing time at Costco waiting for my 715 photos to be printed (that’s a blog post for another time!) this week, I strolled over to the office supply aisle.  I was shocked and amazed to find this box of assorted ribbons, including the exact rope I needed but had forgotten about, for less than $5. Each spool has 10 yards on it, so for you non-math geeks, that’s works out to about a nickel a yard. I know, right? You can't beat that with a stick!

If you need these, here’s how. It took all of five minutes to make them for four windows. Cut a piece of rope about a yard long, loop it through the non-opening side of the clasp, then tie the ends.  Hide those in the back (unless you’re really proud of your knot-tying skills and want them in the front).  Bring the other loop around the curtain and catch it in the clasp.

Now I have to go try to think of a use for all those other red, white, and black ribbons. Enjoy your day!

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  1. I love the look! And the color of the curtains. And I have to go to Costco today... I may look and see if ours has those ribbons.


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