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Friday, October 7, 2011

The only cats you’ll ever see at my house

Not that I hate cats, but we tend to prefer dogs at our house. Of course, with the three hooligans, we currently have no need for a pet of any sort to add to the household chaos. But I’m sure that day will come, as soon as we’re back in a house we own!

In the meantime, I saw these spookily cute cat planters in a Better Homes and Garden Halloween magazine. I am such a sucker for those idea books…not any other holiday, but Halloween ones seem to leap into my shopping basket regularly.


Our house already had two black urns on the front porch when we moved in back in July. They’re in need of painting, but I thought the distressed look worked well for Halloween. My kids love purple, hence the bright chrysanthemum “hair.” The sticks are daylily stems that dried on the plants in my flowerbeds, Yay me for not trimming those back when summer ended…procrastination rewarded yet again!


For the eyes, I found non-copyrighted clipart online, then resized and changed the color using Photoshop Elements. After I printed them, I laminated to protect from the snow which the natives tell me to expect any day now. Today it’s in the mid-80s, but I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt on this.

The decorative elements on the urn looked exactly like a cat’s nose and mouth to me, so it worked out perfectly. The little hooligan was so excited to see her brothers’ reaction when they got home, and they didn’t disappoint her, pretending to be terrified. I’m quite certain they were not, but it was nice of them to play along with her imagination. Sometimes they can be kind…and then it makes it worth having cats on my porch!

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