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Friday, December 2, 2011

Subways in Rural Wisconsin

I’m a little obsessed with subway signs. Not real ones, but the facsimiles that are popping up all over the place. You've probably seen these...I even saw one on "Psych" in the police station this week. Yes, I spend way too much time watching mindless TV. But the police may need my help solving a crime someday and I'll be prepared, thanks to all the police shows I watch!

Create Subway Art

This was a free download I found. Cool, but not exactly what I wanted. You can find several examples for family, holidays, etc. online if you’re interested. Just Google “subway art” and add any other words like “family,” “advice,” “Christmas.”


I saw a similar manners one in a store when we were on a weekend escape, up in Door County. I then recreated it in Photoshop Elements and framed it for our kitchen. Maybe someday my hooligans will actually read and follow it. Probably not, but a mom can hope.

Then I wanted one for a specific gift for Christmas, so I had to design it myself. I used some digital scrapbooking quotes from Katie Pertiet at and some other quotes I found at When you buy digi files, you’re allowed to use them for personal use only, not commercial purposes. So I’m breaking no laws here, people!

subway-tray I painted a plain wood tray from the craft store with chalkboard paint, because I wanted it to be flat black. Then I just printed our the subway sign and put it in the bottom. When my GI Joe gets home, he’s going to cut a piece of plexiglass to fit over it, to protect against spills.

I know, I could cut it myself…I’m the one who uses the glass and tile cutter in home renovations, after all. But I’m supposed to be decorating for Christmas today, so I’ll let him do it and feel like he’s made an actual gift.

Hope you have a fun and creative weekend!

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  1. Okay, those are just too cool. Love the one for your kitchen (although from my observations, the hooligans are already well on their way to following the rules!). But the tray is fabulous. Love the sayings, the fonts, the splash of color. You do have my address, right? LOL

    Question--what did you print the tray out on? Regular paper, reverse print? Vinyl maybe?


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