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Monday, January 9, 2012

Hearts on My Door

Somehow in our last move, all of my Valentine decorations have been misplaced. I’m sure they’re somewhere in the basement, but I was not in charge of unpacking and organizing the basement. Ahem. Guess who was? Obviously 4382 pounds of Army gear that will never see the light of day until he’s back in a tactical unit should be stored in front of all the seasonal decor that I use every year.

However, there’s a silver lining…I need new Valentine decorations! So I made this wreath:

wreathPretty cute, huh? Not to mention quick and inexpensive, two of my favorite adjectives when crafting! I saw the original idea on Pinterest, but it was just the paper hearts. I tried that, but the paper is not sturdy enough to hold a circle shape, and who wants an elongated oval wreath? Not me.

heartTo start, I chose 4 sheets of double-sided Designer Series Paper (from Stampin’ Up!) and cut 3 strips from each that were 2” x12”. I folded each in half, then put a small piece of Sticky Strip where the inside of the heart joins. Easy-peasy so far.

DSC_0002I placed the hearts as I wanted them in the circle, then used a couple of glue dots to join each. So far so good.

on-wallThen I hung it on the wall…and it stretched out. So I tried using little pieces of scotch tape behind to secure it in the circle shape. It worked…for about 30 minutes. Then the tape let go and I had an oval again.

After a quick trip to the Dollar Tree to get a wreath for (yep!) $1, I glued the paper hearts wherever they touched the wreath. After threading a ribbon through, it made a pretty (and new) decoration for the front door.

Well, there’s my creativity for the day…now it’s off to make dinosaur sandwiches for Princess Thundercloud. She’s had a vigorous morning of Wii-ing, since her brothers are at school and she’s alone to play. She works so hard at it, she usually is stripped down to just underwear and socks by the time she’s done. Hopefully she outgrows that tendency before college!

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  1. Found you on The Frugal Girls Chic and Crafty party! Love this! I can't wait to make one for my door! I especially love that the wreath came from the Dollar Tree! Such simple materials made into something super cute, and unique! Thanks for sharing!


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