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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A Plethora of Teacher Gifts

I know, I did it to myself.  I showed the hooligans all these teacher appreciation ideas I’d pinned on Pinterest. So of course each of them chose a different idea for their teacher. Plus another for the bus driver. Really?

Here goes!
For Princess Thundercloud’s preschool teachers
(she actually agreed to give them both the same thing)

The kindergartner chose a Sharpies and Smarties jar for his teacher and her aide.

This was my favorite, for the second grader.  Although it was the most labor intensive, since I had to go to about 43 stores to find all the different candies. And you know how I hate to shop.

The label says “[Teacher’s Name], you totally ROCK (pop rocks)! You’re MOUNDS of fun and the RIESEN I love second grade. You help me learn to CRUNCH numbers and all sorts of EXTRA important things. You’re always KIND even when I act like an AIRHEAD.  I wish your PAYDAY could be 100GRAND! Here’s a giant thanks for putting up with my SNICKERS and silliness, and for helping me become a SMARTIE!”

The one I saw online was all on a posterboard, but I didn't like my mental picture of the hooligan trying to get that to school.

This “bouquet” for the bus driver was inspired by my friend Jennifer.  I added the flower stems made of marshmallow twists and ribbons as leaves. The label is chalkboard.

The flowers Jennifer created are made by stamping using the Mixed Bunch set from Stampin’ Up!, along with the blossom punch, so it took very little time to do. I used Sticky Strip to make them hold together when upright.

Last but certainly not least, these are the cups the parent organization gave to the staff at the boys’ school.  I got to fill them and tie on the ribbons and labels, with a little help from the hooligans.  I think they turned out really cute. They have candy and drink mixes in them.  If you were just giving them to a specific teacher, not 50 of them, it would be fun to put a gift card in there, too.

So, while I wish I could take credit for any of these, I really can’t.  I just put my own spin on things I found online…and you can, too!


  1. I loved my flower pot! Thank you!

    1. I bet I love my free time on Tues and Thurs mornings even more than you loved the flower pot! But you're very welcome!


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