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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Few More Sweet Valentine Ideas

Before I run out of time before Valentine’s Day, I have just a few more ideas to share. And, if my sister-in-law is reading this, you really should stop now, if you want to be surprised!

DSC_0017This is a gift for one of my friends, who loves chocolate. I wanted to fancy it up a bit, so I printed a digital scrapbook paper on a sheet of address labels. They perfectly wrap around a Hershey’s Nugget. Some of these are a bit off because Princess Thundercloud insisted on helping…the friend we were making these for totally spoils her, so she wanted to return the favor. I bought the little paper purse for next to nothing, so it made a perfect container.

DSC_0032 My kindergartener’s teacher sent a paper heart home and asked for the parents to decorate it and attach a little message. They’re to be hung in the hallway at school. The instructions said to be as creative as you like, and use lace, buttons, glitter, etc. Being a boy, he’s not going to be happy with something girly, and he loves rainbows, so I thought of this.

I’ve been wanting to try this glitter technique I saw on the Martha Stewart show…demonstrated by a very nice woman from right here in Wisconsin. She made ornaments at Christmas, but I thought nothing goes better than glitter and Valentines!


To do this, you just need a sheet of double-sided sticky paper (from the craft store) and a bunch of glitter. As I mentioned the other day, I have a set from Martha that doesn’t get enough use. First, cut out a piece of sticky paper the same shape as your heart. Then use a rule to draw lines on the liner. I made 12 segments, since I wanted to use 6 colors and have it come out in the right pattern. You could also just use strips of sticky tape, if you wanted a striped pattern.

Cut one wedge at a time and peel off one side to attach it to your paper heart. Peel the other side off and glitter that piece. DSC_0026Just continue to cut, place, and glitter each piece until you’re done.

I cut out a heart to write the sentiment on and added a ruffle made of Stampin’ Up!’s Silver Waffle Paper. It is so much fun to work with…I need to use it more. This took about 30 minutes, start to finish. Of course, I now need to make glittered Valentines for the other two hooligans so I won’t be accused of favoritism. But that’s okay…I love glitter!

I also wanted something with a little meaning for my husband. I think this framed art for his desk or nightstand works well.

DSC_0019This photo has been edited with different dates pasted over, but on the actual one, I typed the dates of our first kiss, our wedding, and the dates of our kids’ births. You, of course, could use any dates that are important to you and your love story. And, on a completely unromantic note, it’ll remind him of those dates and he’ll have no excuse for not getting you a gift.

Now I’ve got to get my mind off Valentine’s Day…we have all our classroom Valentines made, and our packages are ready for the mail tomorrow. Thundercloud and I are going to go explore a nearby town today, I think. I read on Martha’s blog about a candy store with amazing caramel apples…I can hear them calling my name, even from 20 miles away.


  1. Is it the one in cedarburg? It's a super cute town with lots of little shops.

    1. It is...although I'm not sure I can bring myself to pay that much for caramel apples when I know I can make them at home! We didn't make it today...pesky daily life got in the way.


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