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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I Knitted, I Felted, I Organized

I have a cute little clutch to show you today that I made by felting a piece of knitting. I wanted something to keep my knitting odds and ends in…scissors, yarn needles, emergency candy. You know.


Being a fairly new knitter, this was a technique I’ve long admired. Imagine how happy I was when it turned out the way (and size) I planned!

To make it, I first knitted a piece about 11” wide by 14” long. I used Paton’s Classic Wool in a variegated shade and size 10 needles, 16 stiches=4” in stockinette stitch (knit on right side, purl on wrong side). I cast on 56 stitches, began with a knit row, then purl row, and so on until it was 14 inches long.

DSC_0003-1 I washed it twice in hot water with a couple of towels.

DSC_0002-1 I dried it in the dryer the first time, but just blocked it to straighten out the edges and let it air dry the second time.

DSC_0006I found myself pretty fascinated by how it changes through washing. So I took a bunch of photos.

After it’s completely dry, use the yarn and a yarn needle to blanket stitch the edges together and outline the flap. I started at the fold on the left side and stitched up the side, around the flap, and down the other side. Here's a great tutorial on how to blanket stitch, in case you’re like me and forget from one time to the next.

After it’s stitched, cut a slit for the button in the center of the flap and sew your button to the bag part. There you are, a pursemaker! How about that?

This was pretty quick and easy. It took a couple of evenings to knit, then time to felt (but not hands-on), and about half an hour to finish it. The final measurements are about 5" x 8".

I’m sure you have something that needs to be contained, so you should make one. It would be a super-cute crossbody bag, as well, if you put a cord on it, either an i-cord you knit or something from the fabric store. Or 550 cord, if you’re military. We always have that lying around!



  1. Beautiful! I love the colors. An emergency candy bag sounds like a great use for it. :-)

    1. You can never have too many candy stashes around!

  2. Ooo, this looks too cute, sounds too easy and I've decided that it's high time I try felting.............on purpose, that is. (The angora sweater, given to me by a high school boyfriend, which I washed and dried in the dryer doesn't count.)

    Thanks for all your great ideas and patterns. I work with Anne, your SIL in Colorado and she turned me on to your blog. You're exactly who I want to be in my crafting life. I'm a cook too.

    Peace and happy crafting, Megan

    1. Thanks for the wonderful comment, Stephanie! It really makes my day when my ideas inspire someone...and I've felted a few sweater accidentally...they fit my 3-yr-old now, but perhaps when she outgrows them I can create with them!


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