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Monday, March 12, 2012

St. Patrick’s Week?

Yes, at our house, St. Patrick’s Day is a really big deal. I’ve decided to devote the entire week to ideas for celebrating…but I’m not pressuring you to go all overboard with it like we do!

My little hooligans start planning their leprechaun traps as soon as we pack away the Christmas decorations. Who am I kidding? They start on March 18 of the previous year! Leprechauns are pretty mischievous in our house. They turn the milk, orange juice, and, of course, water in the toilets green. They sometimes make a mess in the kitchen with flour or oatmeal. That’s usually only if I need to clean the kitchen anyway…leprechauns know better than to mess with a clean kitchen!

They always escape our trap, but drop a few gold coins on the way out the window or door. Oh, and they often leave green rubber snakes around, with a note about not trying to trap them again. This year they’re going to decorate the bare branches of a tree on the patio with foam shamrocks and rainbow wind spinners (they found those at the dollar store…leprechauns are thrifty with their gold coins!).

Today, I’m showing off some appetizer picks I made, using various green and gold beads and 12 gauge wire (I think). I just picked up the beads and the wire at the craft store. The wire needs to be stiff enough to resist bending, but not so thick you can’t cut it with wire cutters. It’s usually over in the floral design department, hanging in 12” lengths in a plastic bag.


To make these, I cut the wire in 4” lengths. Using E6000 (they really should pay me for hawking their product, but they don’t…it is my favorite all-purpose, extra-strong adhesive), Put a tiny dot on one end of the wire and start putting beads on. Each pick has about 1-1/2” of beads, then for the last one, put a dot of glue on the next-to-last bead and wire, then slide the last bead on snugly.

That’s all there is to it. My kids like using them for dipping fruit. For breakfast on St. Pat’s, I plan to make a platter of fruit, shaped like a rainbow, with some vanilla yogurt for dipping. I saw the idea on…say it with me…Pinterest.

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Enjoy your first Monday of “new time” as we call it here…we’re off to a rough start, and I’m pretty sure I’m going to require lots of coffee this morning! I’d best get to it, though…I just realized it’s almost 10:00 and I’m still in PJ’s. See you tomorrow!


  1. All I can say is I wish you were back here. I'd love to go leprechaun huntin' with you guys! And the rainbow fruit platter--well how stinkin' cute is that! Bet the hooligans eat all their fruit after seeing that display! You're adventures always make me smile, Mz. M. Simply amazing and always fun.

    1. Thanks! I wish we were back there, too...especially since I heard y'all have snow today...the hooligans are outside in 65 degree weather, playing in every mud puddle they can find...and that's a lot, since we live on a gravel road in the country!

  2. I am SO turning our toilet water green this week! I love the idea of celebrating all week. I tend to allow holidays to pass by so quickly because we only celebrate on the actual day. I need to get in the mindset of celebrating for a week or more before the actual day. Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Yay! Frank would say this all springs from my desire for Megan-Palooza, as he calls the entire month of June (my birth month...and no one else's in our family!).


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