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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Those Leprechauns Can Be Crafty!

While the leprechauns create mischief throughout the house, they also leave a little gift for the kids.  The boys are getting some special edition St. Patrick’s Day Hot Wheels (that I bought last year and forgot about, then happily found when I got the decorations out).  For Princess Thundercloud, I made this little pendant.

DSC_0017-2 It cost about a $1.28 or so, so it’ll be no big loss when she loses it.  I’m sure she will, and I’m okay with that.

domino-and-ruler It started when I found this Spongebob domino in my car.  One of the hooligans had a whole set of these, from the Dollar Spot at Target.  But that was in Washington, and who knows where the other 542 of them are.  There seemed to be that many as I’ve found them throughout the year in various spots. But this one was destined for greatness!

DSC_0018-1 First I cut out two pieces of Designer Series Paper to fit the front and back.  Using a very light coat of Crystal Effects (a clear craft varnish from Stampin’ Up!) I adhered one piece, then put a thick coat of Crystal Effects on top to make it look fancy.  That needed to dry for about 6 hours, or overnight. The I flipped it over and repeated with the other piece of paper.

DSC_0019-3 See how shiny and pretty that is?  To make it a pendant, I attached a bail (yes, that’s what it’s called) using E6000 and let it dry for a few hours.

To finish the front, I used some green seed beads and more E6000 to make a sort-of shamrock.

She’ll love it. 

Here’s another cute craft I made last year for the hooligans.

IMG_2942 I just used my Big Shot and punches to make it…nifty, eh?  I CASE’d it from someone last year, so I’m not trying to steal anyone’s thunder…let me know if it was you!

That winds up my week of St. Patrick’s crafts…tomorrow I’m posting our favorite recipe for corned beef and cabbage, as well as Irish soda bread.  I hope you’ll check them out…and even better, try them on Saturday!

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  1. Ooops, how'd I miss this? I bet the pendant will be a big hit--so darn cute! But that little leprechan is just too sweet for words. How very clever. Oh by the way, Happy St. Paddy's day to ye (said in my best Irish brogue).


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