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Friday, August 3, 2012

Girly-Girling It Up

Princess Thundercloud is like a giraffe…she has long, skinny legs and so even her brother’s size 5 jeans are too short.  She just turned four a couple of months ago. Anyhoo, they were perfectly good pants, but I cut about 6” off and made her some pink-polka-dot ruffled capris.  I’m sure by next summer they’ll be shorts, but that’s okay.  I had to cinch them up so much with the waist adjuster buttons that it’s like they’re ruffled at the top, too.

She thinks she’s pretty much da bomb. Some days she is.  Anyway, here’s what you’ll need:

A pair of jeans and some already ruffled ribbon trim (I found this at Hobby Lobby).  You’ll need about a yard, or four times the width of the jean leg where you cut it, plus about 6 inches.

First hem the jeans about 1/4” in, then sew the ruffle right along the bottom edge. You’ll then have a double row of stitching.  I use rainbow thread for pretty much everything I make the Princess, just because she likes it.

As a finishing touch, I sewed a 3” piece of the ruffled ribbon trim into a circle.

Then I sewed a button (yes, from Stampin’ Up!) into the center to make a flower.  It also covers up that lovely handstitching I did, which is a good thing.

I love being able to recycle the boys’ clothes for her…it’s my little bit to save the planet (and my wallet, too!).  This project cost less than $3, since I just needed to buy the trim and use two buttons from my stash.

That’s another good thing, since I’m pretty sure keeping Princess Thundercloud in hair products is gonna break us.


  1. So, is it wrong to be jealous of a 4-year-old? I can only imagine what you'll be up against in about 12 years!

    1. And just think, y'all will have a front row seat to all the drama of her teenage years!


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