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Friday, August 17, 2012

This-n-That Kinda Week

I’ve had what felt like a completely discombobulated week.  No one had any camps to attend, but we still had little things to do each day…dental appointments, Moms Group meeting, never-ending errands to run.  And we fit in a fun thing each day, too, even if it was just making cookies.

But I’ve not settled on a topic for today’s post.  Thus, I’m showing you a couple of things I’ve done this week that turned out great, and a teacher gift I haven’t finished yet but I know you might need an idea NOW for the beginning of school.

This is the accomplishment I’m most proud of this week…I knitted a pair of socks for the first time…and they wound up the same size…and they fit me!  I’m just pretty amazed. And addicted.

How to Knit Socks: Three Methods Made Easy
This is the book I used to teach myself…I found it super easy to follow, with tons of photos and great explanations. I used the 5-needle method, by the way.  The hubs was impressed with my dexterity (which I’m sure was a sight to see as I started trying to figure this out).  I bought the book at Joann’s with a 40% off coupon, but you can find it at Amazon or a knitting supply site, as well.

The publishers of this book have no idea who I am or that I’m talking about their book…I just wanted to share it with y’all, in case you’d like to knit your own socks, too!  I used Paton’s Kroy Sock Yarn in Sweet Stripes, if you’re wondering, instead of the acrylic yarn they recommend practicing with…I didn’t want to spend any amount of time on socks I wouldn’t want to wear.  I’m a sock snob, it’s true.

Secondly, I reached way back in my memory and found these Bacon-Cantaloupe Wraps filed under “Summer Hike” from a year or two ago.  Originally from Rachel Ray, I just improvised as I remembered them and everyone loved them.  The hooligans even asked to have them again the next day, in lieu of eating somewhere in town while we were running errands.

This wrap is pretty self-explanatory…crisp bacon, really thin (1/4” or so) slices of cantaloupe, lettuce, and some basil-mayo on a Flatout wrap.  For the mayo, I just chopped up some fresh basil and stirred it into the store-bought mayo.  You could even call it basil aioli, if you add a little garlic and maybe some lemon juice.
The salty-sweet, fresh flavors meld together perfectly, though.  Try it, you’ll like it!

Then, I’ve been on Pinterest again.  Yep, and I found something I absolutely had to make.  Imagine that.

1 kit
Cute, huh?  You can find them at Bee in Our Bonnet,if you’d like the particulars.  Again, these are not ones I made...they are her where credit is due!

So next week all three hooligans have YMCA camp…all day, every day.  I promise to be a bit more coherent and organized in my blogging.  Well, maybe.  I may just have to dance around naked eating bonbons and celebrating being alone in my house all day!


  1. Oh yay! The socks look fantastic, and so colorful! For some reason, when you told me, I thought they were for your GI. But, I don't think I see him in these. Yes, socks are soooooo addicting!

    And next week, when the hooligans are away? You know that saying...........Dance like no one is watching!! Enjoy your dancing. :D

    1. I have been (enjoying my dancing!), but have got to get motivated to actually do my chores! My GI Joe is completely bothered by the socks not matching stripes, but life's too short to figure that least while I'm a beginner!


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