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Friday, June 8, 2012

First Day on the Job as Cruise Director

Well, school’s out, so I’m on my new full-time job…entertaining my hooligans for the next 3 months. Woo-hoo!  Actually, I am looking forward to having no schedule every day.  Of course, a week from now I’ll no doubt be making a countdown calendar to September 4.

To kick off summer vacation, we made a string maze for them to follow to get to their summer surprise packages.maze
They each had a different color string (red, white, or blue) tied to a popsicle stick with their name on it.  They had to wind them up to get to their gifts.
My GI Joe did the strings for the boys, and they were quite difficult in places…but the hooligans were remarkably patient.

Except for Princess Thundercloud, who frequently hurled hers to the ground and “Hmmph”-ed loudly. The boys were very willing to help her, which I thought was pretty sweet.  Again, it’s the first day of summer…that will change, I’m sure.

He definitely had the toughest one to follow.  He was feet from the prize and could see it from here, but kept winding.

The first to finish, he went off to help his siblings and waited to open his present.  Amazing!

Their loot included water pumpers for the lake, educational card games, lots of books and a couple of workbooks, art supplies, a couple of toys, and a candy bracelet (left from Halloween, but they didn’t care).  Oh, and they each got a whole pack of gum.  I’m pretty sure my kids would walk to town and back if they were promised gum. And "town" is 11 miles away.

summer coupons copy
One thing I included that they seemed to think super cool were these coupons for each of them.  This way, they can have time alone with one of us, and know that the others will have the same chance.  That doesn’t mean they won’t squabble about it while we’re doing it, but they thought the idea was great!

This little project took us about 10 minutes to string, then about an hour for the hooligans to follow their strings, wind them up, and peruse their treasures.  As usual, GI Joe had his doubts, but it proved a fun way to kick off vacation!

I’ve got to get back to impressing my new bosses with my entertainment skills…after I do laundry and go to the post office and Costco, that is.  Have a great weekend!


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  1. Great way to keep the kiddos entertained for awhile! LOL

    1. Thanks! My mom suggested I could do this every morning and just put a stick of gum at the end. I'm sure the hooligans would still think it was fun.

  2. Just popping in to say you have the neatest kids EVAH! Course that's probably 'cuz they have the neatest mom and dad in the history of the world! Sending hugs and smiles to you and all those little hooligans.

    1. Thanks...I think they're pretty cool...most of the time! Hope y'all are enjoying your summer!

  3. We counted our days of summer & were totally bummed that Phiness & Ferb lied!!!! There are not 104 days of summer vacation, alas we have a measly 73!

    1. We did the same thing! I gave Finn's teacher a basket of 101 boredom busters, and her kids aren't even going to be able to do one a day and finish! Darn that Phineas and Ferb!


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