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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Repurposed Marker Organizer

My markers make me crazy!  They should be stored horizontally, since they are dual-tipped, so one end doesn’t go dry. Like everything else, I want to be able to reach them at any moment while I’m creating (which makes for a very cluttered work area, but so be it.). And, last but not least, I like having them in their Stampin’ Up! color families.

Recycling also makes me crazy.  It seems every glass jar I put in the bin ends up broken before recycle day, and I’m worried one of the hooligans will get cut. Don’t ask why they would be rummaging through the trash. I’m sure it happens.

So I repurposed these spaghetti sauce jars from Costco to make a marker organizer.  I cut a piece of polka dot DSP from each color family 3” x 12” and taped them in place.  I put some E6000 on each surface that contacted another jar when stacked (top and bottom of jars, basically) and wedged the four jars between two stacks of books to dry in this configuration.

After the adhesive was completely dry, I wrapped some hemp twine around several times, mostly because I liked how it looked.  It also helps hold them together a bit. 

This works pretty perfectly for my current craft room.  Who knows what will work when we PCS again, but until then, I’m happy with my solution!

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