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Friday, June 22, 2012

Tales of the Butterfly Hunters

One Saturday morning a few weeks ago, we were at the thrift shop looking for a desk I could refinish for the eldest hooligan’s room.  Not only did we find a perfect desk (for less than $20), the hooligans found butterfly nets at the bargain price of $1.49 each.

We had our doubts about long sticks in their grasp, but took a chance.  They were entertained for hours upon hours, day after day.  Until eventually they whacked each other with the net part and they broke, of course.  I’m pretty sure we got our money’s worth first, though. Oh, and if you were worried, no butterflies were harmed or really even in danger of being caught during this adventure.

Here’s a scrapbook page I made of the fun they had.

And these are the photos I used.  The page is designed to be printed in 8x8 or 12x12 format, which can be done very inexpensively at Costco.  Just in case you were interested in digital scrapbooking. If you’d like more info on it, check out my post from November about digital scrapbooking.

I’m trying to enjoy how sweet they look and forget that their original idea was to use Nerf guns, not nets.


  1. Sorry I'm late in commeting, but I just have to tell you these are some of the most wonderful photos! Absolutely fabulous dear friend--especially the last one of your number 2. These will be so wonderful years from now. Your talents never cease to amaze and bless me.

    Oh, and uber cool scrap page! LOVE the layout and the wood grain texture. You will be giving lessons when you get home, right?

    1. always, you're too sweet! I am woefully behind on my scrapping...I have lofty goals that I really need to meet this summer! I even brought my laptop and external hard drive to OK with us, but haven't done anything yet...maybe tonight!


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