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Monday, June 25, 2012

Ready for the Fireworks!

DSC_0008We’re going to be in Oklahoma for the Fourth (without the hubs…apparently the Army thinks patriotic holidays are good recruiting opportunities or something…whatev), so we made these shirts to take with us.

DSC_0002The hooligans each made their own, while I made some for the Okie cousins.  

I first made these back in March after seeing them on the Martha show. Then we used green and orange for St. Patrick's Day (and because Princess Thundercloud needed those colors to match some pants).

To make them, just make dots with a Sharpie on a white t-shirt, then use an eyedropper to drop rubbing alcohol into the center of each cluster.  It just takes a few drops and spreads out in a very cool pattern.  We put wax paper inside the shirt to keep the marker from bleeding through when we drew on them.

When the fireworks dried, I drew some sketchy lines with a Sharpie, just to suggest the trajectory for the fireworks.

Super cool, we think...and with adult supervision and nerves of steel, totally a kid-friendly, instant gratification craft!

I'm linking this up at a few parties...check them out!

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  1. How much fun are these! I'm surprised at how well the dots bled into such neat designs. Hope you all have a safe trip and great 4th. And sorry about the hubs not going along--what is the Army thinking, eh?

  2. Wow! So simple, yet such a dramatic presentation! I can't wait to try this :-)


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