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Thursday, July 12, 2012

And the Army Goes Rolling Along…

We attended a Change of Responsibility ceremony yesterday downtown at the War Memorial.  What a difference a year makes! People actually smiled during this one, including my GI Joe.

When the hubs took command last July, it was approximately the temperature of the surface of the sun with absolutely no breeze.  Yesterday was about 75 degrees with a refreshing light breeze.  Of course, it probably helped that I was doing naught but attending the ceremony and reception, unlike last year when I catered the reception and was a little stressed about it all.

Anyway, I made some Army mints as a welcome gift for the new Command Sergeant Major and his lovely family.  These mints are super cool-looking, and they taste delicious…like a Girl Scout Thin Mint. And did I mention how very simple they are to make? Just look and be amazed!

I lucked into some Army seal candy molds at a garage sale at Ft. Leavenworth a few years ago, but this would work with any circular design, such as a flower, as long as it’s larger than your cracker.  And you probably don’t need Army candy, anyway, right?

Here are the ingredients (you won’t need to make a list):  Andes Mint Chips and Ritz crackers. You can also use regular Andes mints, but then you have to unwrap each one. Who wants to do that?

Melt the chips for one minute in the microwave and stir until smooth.  Put a spoonful of melted mint chocolate in each mold, then top with a crackers.  I wiggle it down as far as I can without smooshing through the chocolate layer. That's a technical chef-type term, smooshing.

Spoon a little more melted chocolate on top and smooth it with a spoon until all the cracker edges are covered.  When you’re done with the whole tray, rap it sharply on the counter a few times to level it and get any bubbles out of the chocolate.

Chill them for about 15 minutes, then pop them out onto a dishtowel.  One bag of chips makes about 18 mints.  I really like using the Andes chips because they’re shiny when they harden again.  Regular chocolate chips would not be, unless you tempered your chocolate.  Then easy goes out the window for this recipe, and we don’t want that to happen!

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  1. Pretty neat gift..need seal though...but since we are retired,I guess I could do civilian ones :-)

  2. How simple is this????! I'll try this for the next time I leave treats for the Knights of Columbus at church. Mmmm.......

  3. These are SO cool. And I bet they are super tasty too. I've never had the desire to buy candy molds, but I do now!


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