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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Now to Organize the Hooligans!

Summer is such a paradox…time seems to be crawling by when everyone is home and bored, but then when I look at the calendar, school starts in six weeks. We’ve done a lot this summer, and from now until school, the hooligans have a week of YMCA camp, then a week of me entertaining them. They couldn’t keep it straight, so I made these calendars to help them out.

I bought a wrought-iron plate holder at Hobby Lobby, then 3 brushed nickel document frames at Walmart for next to nothing. I “organize” us using Cozi, a great free program that the hubs can link up to via smart phone or computer.

That way, he knows what we’re up to, as well as any groceries I might need him to pick up on the way home.  In theory, that is.  He rarely checks Cozi, but as our kids become more involved in life, I think that will change. I hope.

Cozi allows you to color code each family member’s activities, which is really helpful to the kids when they’re looking at their week.  The iPhone app also has great list and note-taking sections, as well as a journal to write down all those funny little things that happen in life.  I always think, “I have to remember that” but now I don’t…I just type it into my phone! And Cozi even has a weekly menu plan for you. All for free!

DSC_0008Anyway, I just printed our calendars for the next three months and popped them into the frames.  They can easily be switched around as the month passes. Since they’re covered by glass, I can write on them with dry-erase markers if I need to add something.

Of course, I still have to answer questions like,”How many minutes do I get to stay at camp?” and “When will my birthday party be?” pretty frequently, but this definitely helps them know what to expect and what we’ll be doing on any given day.

Not that I’m a control freak or anything. Really.

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  1. These are super cool friend.

    1. Thanks...they were a "doh!" moment of "Why didn't I think of this sooner?" instead of trying to figure out where to hang multiple calendars only to take them down to move next summer.


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