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Monday, July 2, 2012

Most Delicious Raspberry Limeade

Now, don’t be hater, but I can’t stand limeades made with Sprite or 7-Up.  I’d rather have no limeade than those. The best limeades in the whole wide world come from Braum’s, a dairy and ice cream chain that’s found in Oklahoma and a little bit of Missouri, Arkansas, and Kansas. I think their limeades perfectly combine tart, fizzy, and a bit of sweetness with cherries and syrup.

When I was in college in Colorado, I’d try to time my drives back and forth to pass through Salina at a time that would justify a limeade, since it was my first or last chance, depending on my direction of travel.

DSC_0039On Fathers’ Day, I was trying to come up with a festive drink to have with dinner, and found a can of limeade concentrate in the freezer. Obviously I had forgotten to use it to make another pitcher of margaritas. 
Anyway, I combined it with 48 ounces of sparking water (made with my Sodastream…best Mothers’ Day gift ever, last year!) and about 1/4 cup raspberry syrup (the Torani kind, for coffee or Italian sodas).  It was perfect and tasted almost exactly like Braum’s Cherry Limeades. Wahoo!

To serve it, I poured it over ice in pint Mason jars.  I used a cupcake liner in place of the metal lid, and tightened the metal band to hold them in place. After poking an “x” with a small knife, I popped in some straws. 

While not spill-proof exactly, it made it easier on the kids…and harder on the bugs to get into our drinks on the deck!  That’s not an original idea, by the way…I saw it on Pinterest. But I did copy and execute it well, dontcha think?

Limeade is the perfect summer drink, I think…and who doesn’t love a pink, icy drink, that’s what I’d like to know?!


  1. God bless Braums in salina, have one for me if you hit it enroute this trip!


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