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Friday, July 6, 2012

Friendly Farewells

In this crazy military life we lead, we have become experts at saying, “See you later,” rather than goodbye.  Chances are, you’ll run into each other again somewhere, sometime.  Or at least you can pretend you will and avoid lots of tears.

Some of my favorite mementos are the hand-crafted gifts friends have given me as we PCS’d. (That’s a Permanent Change of Station, or a move to you normal, non-military types.) I always try to think of unique crafts that fit the friend to whom I’m giving the gift, and last year I made this for a longtime friend (whom I have been stationed with more than once, and plan to be again!).


I CASEd it from a Handmade magazine and it uses a sentiment from a Stampin’ Up! retired set.  I was mostly intrigued by these flowers and wanted to try them.  To make them, cut a rough, wavy edged circle about 2” in diameter (you can freehand it; it’s very rough).  Then cut a wobbly spiral into the center.  Again, rougher is better. Starting in the center, just roll it up. 

When one was rolled to my satisfaction, I put a dot of hot glue on a nonstick mat (or a nonstick pan will work) and stuck the rolled flower into it.  This is a pretty small piece.  I think the opening in the frame is only 3”x3".   It’s a great way to use up scraps of DSP, too.

I hope you don’t have to say goodbye to any amazing friends anytime soon, but if you do, here’s a way to send a little piece of you with them!

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