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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I Hope Organizing Is Not My Superpower

I mean, that would be handy and all, but there are times that I feel like it’s all I do.  Compulsive much?  Me?  Movers fear me because everything is so well-organized it looks like a deceptively small amount o’stuff we haul around every couple of years.  The hubs always warns them, and they never believe him.  Too bad for them.

But I digress. Another of my projects for this summer is getting my stamps organized.  I tend to forget what I have.  I prefer to believe my memory is failing, not that I own too many stamps. Anyway, I made a catalog to keep track of them.

I found a small three-ring binger at an office supply store.  It holds 8-1/2” x 5-1/2” papers.  I designed a cover paper using My Digital Studio, Stampin’ Up’s digital design program.  I thought since the stamps are all Stampin’ Up!, the cover should be, as well.  Plus, I need to justify buying the software.

To make the dividers, I just cut cardstock in half, then attached a tab I punched out of cardstock. I set my three-hole punch to fit the binder. Then I hid it so no one could reset it before I finish my catalog.

And now begins the rather tedious part…adding all the stamps. For clear stamps, I simply copied two covers from the cases on a sheet of paper, folded it in half, and punched along the open edge.  For wooden stamps, I either cut the set out of an old catalog and adhered it to a half sheet of paper or stamped each one from the set on a half sheet of paper. Guess which was easier? 

While I’m pretty sure I’ll still forget stamps, this makes it easy to page through instead of looking through my stamp sets on the shelves.  I’m also going to attempt to add each new set as I get it to the catalog, so I don’t have to devote another whole day next summer. 

This was a perfect project for this hot, sticky summer day…but tomorrow I’m taking the kids to see “Big Miracle” at the bargain movie and enjoy the a/c and polar scenes!


  1. Aaggghhhh.......this makes my hands tingle to go organize everything!
    I've been cleaning out, donating, giving away and straightening out my closets and drawers every couple days this summer. I love order! I like this idea, Megan. I mean, why do plain when you can do flair?! It's creative. The small supply of stamps I do have are KIND of organized.........they're in their sets in the Stampin' Up cases they come in.

  2. This is SO cool, Megan! I vacillate between organization and chaos. I wish I could continually have order. I drown myself in paper clutter. But back to the point - what a fantastic way to have a look at your stamps without physically having to go through them all.


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