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Monday, July 9, 2012

Stamping on Soda Cans

Yes, if it doesn’t move, I’ll stamp it.  Actually, I’ve stamped on my hooligans cheeks for parades, so I guess that means I’ll stamp it even if it does move!

Way back before Christmas, I won an online giveaway at Northridge Publishing’s blog…some alphabet stamps for metal that I’d been craving.  And it’s a good thing I won them, since for Christmas, my GI Joe thought a cast iron grill pan was the equivalent of metal stamps.  Go figure.

Anyway, I needed some markers for the herbs in my Leaning Tower of Pottery that I made and posted about in May.

To make them, I first cut open a soda can (I used a seltzer water one so it wasn’t all sticky and needing to be washed).  I flattened it out a bit, then it was easy as pie to use the Modern Label punch from Stampin’ Up! to punch out a bunch of labels. 

Next I stamped the names of the herbs on the labels, using my letter stamps and a hammer. It’s pretty technical. Not really.  After stamping the names, I punched 1/8” holes in either end with my Crop-a-Dile.

For some, I used kitchen twine to tie them around the rim of the pot, but it was even easier to use bamboo skewers to make these stakes.  Please ignore the dying basil.  Apparently it’s not a great idea to leave your plants to thirst for water while you go on vacation.  But who knew it was never going to rain again in Wisconsin?

We’re just back from a two-week odyssey through Oklahoma and Colorado, so I’m planning a week filled with settling back into our summer routine.  Hope your week is fabulous, whatever you decide to do!

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  1. Oh my gosh! Megan, how simple, yet it looks very.......oh, what is it........naturally aesthetically pleasing! I love metal art of almost any kind and I love this! My head is reeling with all kind of things I could put soda can tags on!!! :) I'm picturing a tag for the shared sidewalk just outside of my townhome. "No parking Please" or "Sprinkler Head Here" or "HelLO! Fresh Grass, Do Not Drive On". It's metal. It would reflect light, they'd be curious and have to go check it out. (Hey, it might be a quarter or something ya know?) :)

    1. You totally should try bossing people about your grass! I love the looks of the signs, too, and I love using the Ginsu knife I bought in college to cut open the cans!


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