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Friday, July 27, 2012

Very Canny

I obviously have canning and preserving on the brain, since yesterday I made cards with Perfectly Preserved and today I have another canning related idea.

I found myself in need of a small gift for a friend (who, happily, loves chalkboard paint and Mason jars as much as I do). I was in World Market last week and saw packages of chalkboard labels.  Being a good little crafter, I thought, “I can make those myself!” So I did.

Ya gotta love that the humidity is so high here today that the jars fogged up immediately when I took them out onto the deck to photograph.  Hey, at least the drought might be abated somewhat.  We actually have had real, measurable rain three times in the last week.  Of course, my garden is hopeless at this point because something (I think chipmunks) ate all my plants TO THE GROUND. Despite the fence.  Oh, well. I’m too busy crafting to grow things, anyway.

But I digress...These are so very simple to make.  I just punched shapes out of the chalkboard vinyl I can’t quit buying at Hobby Lobby.  Then I repurposed a plastic sleeve and cardstock backing from a Stampin’ Up! diecut folder, cut a piece of Orchard Harvest DSP to fit it, and adhered the labels (with their backing still attached) to the patterned paper.

After popping that into the plastic package, I just punched another label (the green one) and write what these fabulous things were. I added a package of those silver-lidded canning jars I love so much, and there you go…a perfect little gift set.

By the way, a set at World Market was $3.99 AND had no heart put into it. So there. I DID make it myself.


  1. I LOVE your chalkboard labels. I think they're such a nifty idea for jars and such. This would be such a fun idea to share with "canny" friends. Oh the good ideas I get from you.

    By the way, sorry I've been AWOL on the comments. I DO read your blog every day--it's my daily source of sanity, and always good for a smile and a chuckle--just don't have much time to comment. But I've been loving all you're doing. Can't wait for you to come back so we can get our craft on.

    Sorry about the garden. We've been having trouble with the darn deer. They're eating my plum tree and they've destroyed one of my roses. Venison anyone?

    1. Thanks! I have been worried about y'all...I even asked Dian via email about you! I hope the reason you don't have time to comment is that you're having a fabulous summer full of crafting and relaxing, but I'm pretty sure that's not the case. Let me know if I can do anything!


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